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9th Country Programme Documents Approved | United Nations Population Fund | Bangladesh

9th Country Programme Documents Approved

In September 2016 the Exectuve Board approved the 9th UNFPA Country Programme in Bangladesh. The 9th UNFPA Country Programme in Bangladesh will run from 2017 to 2020. The development of the programme followed and inclusive and participatory method to ensure the needs of the most vulnerable can be met. The programme aims to contribute to the effective implementation of international instruments and commitments in Bangladesh. The strategic priority areas of the 9th Country Programme are aligned with the Sustainable Development Agenda 2030 with emphasis on goals 3 on health and 5 on gender equality. Approved CPD Document

The Country Programme Action Plan (CPAP) to implement the UNFPA’s 9th Country Programme for Bangladesh  is a UNFPA Bangladesh Country Office  guide to implementation of the programme, with a strategic focus and clear demonstration of results, strong integration of programmatic areas, efficient operational support and effective and strategic partnerships. Approved CPAP Document

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