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Emergency Response and Preparedness

Because of the increased susceptibility to maternal mortality and morbidity within emergency and disaster situations, UNFPA, Bangladesh has developed a strategy to aid the GoB in streamlining emergency/disaster protocols that specifically deal with MNCH/FP and SGBV within crisis situations. 
UNFPA’s programming on Emergency Response and Preparedness is primarily focused on the mobilization of basic and essential services and commodities for family planning (e.g. birth attendants, contraceptives and hygiene tools).
UNFPA will attempting to expand the Health Sector response to SGBV in the form of counseling, healthcare/treatment, making protective and preventative support to victims of violence available during emergencies, disasters and other crises situations.
8CP Outputs:
1:Focus on strengthened national capacity to (i) integrate emergency context as a variable into development programmes; and (ii) respond to acute emergencies.
2:Ensure safe deliveries and that the demand for family planning services are met; as well as addressing the need for protection/prevention services in the Health Sector response to GBV within the context of emergencies and their aftermath.
Emergency/Disaster Response – Capacity Building for Management of Disasters
   •  Training on service delivery in emergency situations for service providers and program managers (supply side), and establish network of operational partners.
   •  Integration of Minimum Initial Service Package (MISP) into training curricula and service delivery strategies at early stages in post-emergency situations in response to SRH needs and GBV prevalence/mitigation.
   •  Ensure the provision of counselling and health treatment services for GBV.
   •  Work with communities on addressing SRH/FP needs within context of emergency/disaster.
Emergency/Disaster Response – Advocacy
   •  Influence GoB national strategies, policies and programmes on emergency/disaster management and response:
       ♦  Resource allocation through evidence-based data collection and analysis.
       ♦  Integration of SRH/FP and GBV into national strategies on disaster management and response.
   •  National response to emergencies incorporates SRH/FP service delivery, GBV prevention and treatment into standardized operational guidelines.
   • ; UNFPA houses a systematic emergency preparedness and response cycle within its Country Program and Office management strategy.

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